How Marketing Professionals succeed with Click Thru Marketing

     On today’s marketing landscape Marketing Professionals value both return on investment (R.O.I.) and the   value of a value proposition.  If I offered to look at, review or view your website or blog, would you do the same in return for me?

  What if I told you that you could have your website or blog viewed by a responsive clientbase of over 5,000 internet marketing enthusiasts and bonafide marketing professionals?

  Since you are on one of the most popular marketing websites in the blogosphere and on the internet how about if I sweeten the information and let you know that there is a place that combines powerful blogging technology along with website traffic generation in a unique mix that I call “Click Thru Marketing

  In my most recent post on the Traffic Dynamite Blog I go into greater detail about how and why the combination of this creative technology came about.

  The main reason for this post is to inform you of this enhancement of two completely different traffic generation techniques fused into one location that you can use to explode your website or blogs visibility all over the internet and blogosphere.

What are you waiting for click one of the links above and leave me a comment about what you consider to be an effective traffic generation technique?

To Your Click Thru Marketing Success,

The Marketing Professional

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Getting Customers to Your New Online Business

Congratulations, you have your website or blog set up and it’s time to start promoting what you have to offer.  You know that in order for your site or blog to be successful you must generate traffic and the more visitors  to your site that you have that means more sales and more money for you and your affiliates.

There are many ways to generate website traffic:

Pay per click is an example of paid traffic method.

But for a new internet marketer with limited budget often paid methods are simply not feasible. So you should think about getting free website traffic.

One of my favorite methods is to use a Click Thru Marketing Service like - Drop A Line With The Pros and Start Reeling In Sales Today!

You should also submit your website to directories like: Yahoo, MSN, and Google.  Make sure you submit your site in the correct section of your niche.  Write articles and submit them to article directories with your site link in resource box. When more and more websites publish your articles, you will get as many back links and the visitors of that site may click on the link and come to your site.

Try getting back links from authority sites in your niche.  Back links means that your market place is giving you a vote of acceptance. When authority sites accept you, you will enjoy high rankings in the search engines.

Join forums in your niches and make some valuable comments and use your website link as your signature line. Before doing this make sure you read their rules and that you are allowed to do that otherwise you will be removed from the forum. Another advantage of visiting these forums is that you will know the pulse of your target market.

Once you have visitors at your site or blog make sure you capture their name and email address using an opt in form. There are many types of forms available.  Also keep in mind that a visitor may not buy from you on their first visit. Once you have his or her contact details, you can make offers that may be of interest to them. You can automate this process by using a reputable auto responder.  Currently I am using Aweber.

This has been a basic tutorial to compliment the previous post on article marketing, leave me a comment on what has worked well for you or if you have another marketing related question.

Always to Your Success,

The Marketing Professional

How to Lure Traffic to Any Website or Blog

I have written in some previous articles about a marketing method called Click Thru Marketing and today more then ever professional marketers need no cost and low cost ways of delivering traffic to their websites and blogs.  That is why I wanted to share with you the news about is a no cost traffic generation service that thousands of marketing professionals are using right now to drive targeted traffic to their sites and blogs.  I say targeted because we have a categories that all sites are listed in and once you become a client you select the type of category that you want to advertise your site in and also only the types of categories from which to see other sites that may interest you.

With Gone Clicking you deal exclusively with dedicated and determined marketers.  We’re talking about serious-minded business men and women, who know just how important it is to purchase the right products and services to help them grow their business.
With Gone Clicking you are also assured that your website or blog is being viewed by people who are highly interested in what you have to offer. Why? Because it’s stocked full of clients who are hungry for what you have to offer and that makes them your most sought-after group of individuals online… the big Fish!

Website Traffic from Gone Clicking

Gone Clicking has a fishing theme however our goal is quality, targeted traffic, banner and text ad distribution to like minded folks just like you and me.  Look over some of these outstanding features:

* Promote up to 25 URLs
* 2:1 and 1:1 ratios
* 10-15 second timer
* Surfing Rewards
* Cash Bonuses
* Banner and Text Ad Distribution 
* Earn Monthly Residual Income
* Plus a whole lot more…

You’re just minutes away from hooking directly into a more targeted, pre-qualified buyer!

Good luck and welcome aboard in advance!

The Marketing Professional

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