The Marketing Professional Reports the Top Twitterers of the Last Year

The Marketing Professional on Twitter Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has been one of the driving and defining forces in the social networking world this past year.  There is no question that the web 2.0 revolution is changing the way marketing professionals market, advertise and communicate.  With this in mind here are the top two key areas for the top Tweeters of 2009 from the Teqnolog Blog

The Top 3 Individuals were:

  1. Chris Voss with 109,542 tweets ( @CHRISVOSS )
  2. Rick London with 98,682 tweets
  3. Richard Darell with 78,730 tweets

The Top 3 Organizations were:

  1. Fox News with 141,303 tweets ( @FOXNEWS )
  2. HuffPost Politics with 130,262 tweets
  3. BBC News with 60,305 tweets

Social networking is one of the most adaptable ways that marketing professionals can use and implement in their everyday marketing strategies that if you haven’t started, investigated, or integrated it into your daily operations then I urge you to get started now, you can start by following me on Twitter: or add me as a friend on FaceBook:

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The Marketing Professional brings old blog post back to life

Some years back (2007) I had a guest blog post on Alex Sysoef’s famous blog, The Blog.

I consider Alex a friend and fellow marketing professional in the blogosphere.  Anyway, he was on vacation at the time and allowed me to share a couple of professional marketing articles on his blog.

The article that I want to share with you is titled “Web Marketing 2.0 – Boomtown in the Blogosphere”

I go in depth and break down the definition of Web Marketing 2.0.

What I am really interested in is how much the definition has changed from then to now, leave me a comment and let me know.

I think you’ll like the article so go check it out and let me know your thoughts on how Web Marketing 2.0 is working for you and how it’s changed since 2007:

Web Marketing 2.0 – Boomtown in the Blogosphere

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The Marketing Professional

Terrific Twitter Tactic for Marketing Professionals

TwitterBirdI recently posted a Twitter Tactic that will allow you to check your popularity in the web 2.0 landscape in reference to

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