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“What is it?” you ask, A definition of Success

 So here is the back story; Jason Moffatt (one cool marketing professional) e-mailed me the other day about a blog post with a video that really inspired him so I went to check it out and let me tell you – I am glad that I did!
Eric Thomas has one incredible success story, he has been low and gotten back up to attain success and he talks about how you can do it as well so I want you to watch his YouTube video, heck I watched all his videos over this past weekend they are that good.

Thanks Jmo and thank you E.T.

Leave a comment about an inspiring story of yours or just comment about Eric’s video.

Always to Your Success,

The Marketing Professional

How to turn your Facebook account Viral

There is a place, er site, blog – whatever you want to call it called The Underground Training Lab the mad cyber scientist or Genius Marketing Professional as I like to refer to him that produces incredible marketing content there is named Jeff Johnson.

Jeff just sent out an e-mail about how to make your Facebook account viral; this video training is split up into four segments and it is great content with actionable steps that you can take to tweak your Facebook account right now.

All I can say is go to The Underground Training Lab and get this training – it will be worth your time.

Always to Your Success,

Mark Edward Brown