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Over the last few years, Rich has helped hundreds of people go from just starting out online who really didn’t know what they were doing or where they were headed- to being founders of successful, wealth-building businesses.

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The list of clients Rich has helped become entrepreneurial millionaires is a mile long. Here are just a few marketing professionals you may know…

– Mike Filsaime – who went from managing a car dealership, to an Internet empire…

– Ryan Deiss – the innovative A-List marketer who has grown his list to well over 500,000

– Tellman Knudson –  blogger from the woods of Vermont, who became the List Building Guru.

– Joel Comm –  now Internet celebrity and best selling author of Twitter Power and many others.

– John Carlton – the bad boy of copywriting, who became a leading marketer with his own agency.

Right now, you’ve got a rare chance to tap into Rich’s experience for YOUR benefit. Like the people above did.

Then take what you uncover and IMMEDIATELY apply it to your business. Do this, and you can see positive results within one week.

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Always to your professional marketing success,

Mark “The Marketing Professional” Brown

The Marketing Professional Reports the Top Twitterers of the Last Year

The Marketing Professional on Twitter Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has been one of the driving and defining forces in the social networking world this past year.  There is no question that the web 2.0 revolution is changing the way marketing professionals market, advertise and communicate.  With this in mind here are the top two key areas for the top Tweeters of 2009 from the Teqnolog Blog

The Top 3 Individuals were:

  1. Chris Voss with 109,542 tweets ( @CHRISVOSS )
  2. Rick London with 98,682 tweets
  3. Richard Darell with 78,730 tweets

The Top 3 Organizations were:

  1. Fox News with 141,303 tweets ( @FOXNEWS )
  2. HuffPost Politics with 130,262 tweets
  3. BBC News with 60,305 tweets

Social networking is one of the most adaptable ways that marketing professionals can use and implement in their everyday marketing strategies that if you haven’t started, investigated, or integrated it into your daily operations then I urge you to get started now, you can start by following me on Twitter: or add me as a friend on FaceBook:

Leave me a comment and let’s talk about marketing, advertising and social networking.

Always to Your Success,

The Marketing Professional

Free Blog Traffic Not Like It Used to Be

A couple of years ago when blogs were blowing up like fireworks on the 4th of July blog traffic exchanges poped up as well. They were a great way to get no cost traffic to any blog and they would also create some loyal readers if your blog had good content.

Many blog marketers have since moved on and found different ways of driving traffic to their blogs, some have even abandoned the traditional blog for the micro blogging platforms of Twitter and FaceBook.

Being a click thru marketer I truly enjoy traffic exchanges of many types and yes I was still surfing on blog exchanges until very recently however it appears that they are going the way of the dinosour so to speak and here’s why. One of my favorite blog exchanges “Blog Soldiers” is no longer online, I had a good sized downline that was active, a sizeable credit surplus and yes I was even owed comissions however it appears that the owner just pulled the plug without notification – that was quite irresponsible and not a best business practice that I recomend for other marketing professionals.

Then two days ago I got a message from “Blog Explosion” that they denied this blog because it had to much of a marketing theme. No crap, it’s a Professional Marketing blog. I immediately canceled my account and do not recomend their service to anyone any longer.

So what’s a blog surfer to do? Here is what I recomend, come on over to and add all the blogs you want, especially marketing blogs! I am telling you, there is nothing like a good old fashioned traffic exchange to get some traffic and readers to your blog.

I know that social media is all the rage these days but I still like click thru marketing and traffic exchanges so:

“Long Live the Click!”

Always to your success,

Mark “The Marketing Professional” Brown