Leadership Marketing in the Age of Information

The Marketing Professional Blog is going through a metamorphosis so to speak.  I am infusing a Leadership essence into the Professional Marketing tips, tricks, news, and reviews that I have been bringing you.  This is being done somewhat out of neccessity and a little out of a more tight knit way of producing unique and valuable content that is both educational and entertaining all at the same time.

This means that I will be pulling down the blog that I used to publish at: http://www.MarkEdwardBrown.com

Just because that blog is going offline does not mean that the quality content that is there will disappear, quite the contrary.  I will migrate it to this blog thus making the marriage between Leadership and Professional marketing information a world class mix of information that you will want to come back for time after time.

I will still blog primarily about my A – B – C system that consistently produces profits, that being:

1) Affiliate Marketing
2) Blog Marketing
3) Click Thru Marketing

I will be adding in some new areas that I have never blogged about before such as:

– How to create credibility and why that is important to professionalism and leadership

– Why being an independent media producer is crucial to establishing your brand

– How to apply leadership techniques to your marketing so that you are clearly identified as a professional that clients and customers will want to do business with without a second thought

With that being said, come back often, leave comments (I answer them all) and tweet about what you have read here.

Always to Your Success,

Mark Edward Brown 
“The Marketing Professional”

Why Marketing Is Essential For Your Business Success

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt the your product, service, or company provides the best value in your marketplace which means you may also think that there is no real reason to invest a lot of money into marketing and advertising however, if you don’t take the time to get your message out there in front of  people you won’t have sales.

Marketing is just as important as the way your site or blog is optimized for the search engines.  There are many types of marketing and advertising that can be rewarding, one of the best ways to start is with Click Thru Marketing which can be both rewarding and affordable.

Think Of companies that have become really well known and trusted on an global scale with their products and services.  Everyone recognizes their logos, packaging strategies and sales jingles without any extra marketing.   With Click Thru Marketing you too can get your message out in front of a global audience of targeted buyers.

How do YOU do it?

Become a member of a marketing and advertising community where your site, service or business can be highlighted and placed prominently infront of qualified buyers every day of the week.  Such a place exists at www.GoneClicking.com

Productive business owners don’t just sell products, they sell emotions as well, when you speak to your clients on a subconscious level and convince them to buy on a subliminal plane.  Whenever you want to, your business will truly triumph and your victory as a business owner will be firmly in your grasp.

I have operated a website traffic generation service for several years and I want you to enjoy greater success in your business, if you have never used a now cost / low cost traffic exchange then I encourage you to joing www.GoneClicking.com

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member and if you mention that you read about us here on The Marketing Professional Blog I will give you an added bonus to get you started.  This will allow you to get your product or service in front of an audience that you may not have considered and you never know, it may just suprise you.

Always to your success,

The Marketing Professional

Proven Professional Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Here are a few marketing strategies that you can use in your business to improve or increase your bottom line.  One of the ways that I used to model success when I got started was to research and model what the top marketing practices of the different and successful online marketing professionals have done to become massively successful.

Another way to learn at the same time from the successes of the Pro’s is to also pay attention to the errors that they made and then incorporate all those points into your personal marketing strategy.  Also keep in mind the motivations, wants and needs of your future clients and members.

Instead of diversifiying to quickly with to many marketing strategies, work at attaining success with a few concepts that you potential customers will be involved with, do not get sidetracked by trying to much to soon and become a master of none.  I recomend low-cost / no-cost ways to drive traffic to your website or blog and tracking and analyzing what works and what does not work.

Finally, you must be a complete expert in the field or niche in which you wish to work in. How else can you expect your clients to have confidence in you, if you dont know more about what you represent then how do you expect your clients to choose you over any of your rivals?

If you follow up your efforts with a way for your clients and customers to get in touch with you, then you will be on your way to creating a foothold in any marketplace you wish to be successful in.

Keep your eyes on The Marketing Professional Blog for more ways to stay competitive, creative and successful.  Leavve a comment with the type of information you would like to read more about.

To Your Success,

The Marketing Professional