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I have an important message for you today, one that directly concerns you…

This has the potential to completely change your online efforts for the better, and as soon as next week.

See, there’s a “dirty” little secret in the Internet marketing world you may not know and you’re going to find out all the dirty details

If you’re like most people trying to build a reliable income online, this dirty secret is directly affecting you.

It’s holding you back from making the kind of living you want online.

Here’s the story… With millions of people affected by the economic downturn, many are looking to start an online business as their “Plan B”… their way of providing for today and the future.

In desperation, many try a “business opportunity” then decide it doesn’t work.

No Bullshit imageThen they try another and another, until they discover the treasure chest of “silver bullets” and “magic success buttons” that is the world we know as Internet marketing.  And what do they find?

Many questionable, so-called Internet marketing “gurus” each selling their own “tactic of the month.”

So they think “This looks like it will make me some quick cash. I’ll try it!”  And what happens NEXT?

They realize it’s much more difficult than they thought. And to make matters worse, it’s far less effective than they hoped.

Even worse, is the fact that they’ve become a victim of the “dirty” little secret I above mentioned.

These people, probably much like you, would love to be a true marketing professional and have a real business they can count on to
provide for them today and far into the future.

Because they don’t have experience building and running a real business, they try to become successful through the ways of an “opportunity seeker.”  Here’s how.

See, the “fake” Internet marketing gurus KNOW that it’s MUCH easier to sell their Tactics-Of-The-Month to opportunity seekers. And they make a killing taking advantage of this fact.

Are you guilty of frantically looking for the “one thing” that will finally work for you online? A real “silver bullet”… a “magic button” that fills your bank account with cash… and lets you spend all day on the golf course or the beach?

Well don’t worry. There is a much better way to get what you want out of life. And it’s NOT learning and gathering more Internet marketing “tactics”…

Here’s how to make it with a REAL online business, leveraging the experience of the REAL “guru to the Internet business gurus”… Rich Schefren… as your driving force:

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… to rescue you from having to decide which of a hundred different tactics to use, so you WON’T have to frantically search for that “one thing” that will work for you ever again.

Instead, you’ll have a new, fresh perspective that will steer you toward building a REAL online business you can be proud of.

– A business that will take care of you, as long as you own it.

– A business that will let you do the things you really want to do in life.

– A business you can sell if you want, giving you capital to start your next venture… or a nest egg to make your “dream life” come true.

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Always To Your Professional Marketing Success,

Mark “The Marketing Professional” Brown

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How Marketing Professionals succeed with Click Thru Marketing

     On today’s marketing landscape Marketing Professionals value both return on investment (R.O.I.) and the   value of a value proposition.  If I offered to look at, review or view your website or blog, would you do the same in return for me?

  What if I told you that you could have your website or blog viewed by a responsive clientbase of over 5,000 internet marketing enthusiasts and bonafide marketing professionals?

  Since you are on one of the most popular marketing websites in the blogosphere and on the internet how about if I sweeten the information and let you know that there is a place that combines powerful blogging technology along with website traffic generation in a unique mix that I call “Click Thru Marketing

  In my most recent post on the Traffic Dynamite Blog I go into greater detail about how and why the combination of this creative technology came about.

  The main reason for this post is to inform you of this enhancement of two completely different traffic generation techniques fused into one location that you can use to explode your website or blogs visibility all over the internet and blogosphere.

What are you waiting for click one of the links above and leave me a comment about what you consider to be an effective traffic generation technique?

To Your Click Thru Marketing Success,

The Marketing Professional

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How Marketing Professionals Create Profitable Products

There is no question that when you are referred to as “The Godfather of Internet Marketing” and  you create a professional marketing product about profitable product creation that it will be a  grand slam hit right off the bat!

Mark Joyner has done it again.  My friend, coach and mentor extrordinaire has created The 13 Day Infoproduct Creation Kitand many of Mark’s clients who have just purchased it have  created their products in a little as 24 hours; heck some of them have even had their first sale in 24  hours without having their own list, client base, joint venture traffic or any gimmicky tricks that  some hucksters have tried just to make a buck.

Ever thought about creating your own product and selling it online?

Ever thought about becoming a bonafide  marketing professional?

Did you know that this year the infoproduct industry is projected to do over $400 Billion dollars  in sales?

I have never recommended a “product creation” product before – however I do recommend Mark Joyner’s 13 Day Infoproduct Creation Kit with no reservations and will do so for days, months and years to come!

Here’s to your successful product creation,

The Marketing Professional