Why run an internet business verses a brick and mortar business

Running an internet business verses a traditional business appears to be the trend these days  however, there are still circumstances where off-line firms are more appropriate and can outperform online businesses.  Let’s look at some pro’s and con’s for both.

Having an online business means that you have access to a global market place that is open 24/7.  When you own a local business, you still have competitors however, they are fewer in number.  For example, some services are better suited for face to face interaction.  

If you don’t have a large amount of money to invest, another factor to consider is that buying an online business is usually more affordable initially and more economical over the long haul to run.  There will be expenses none the less and you will have to pay for a domain name and web hosting just for starters.  In many circumstances an internet business can be run directly from your home with a reliable computer and internet connection.

 Both online businesses and established brick and mortar businesses have their own benefits and drawbacks. Internet businesses are often more economical to maintain and have more room for expansion, but, you may also face more competition. 

No matter what you choose be sure to weigh the benefits versus the time it will take to be successful.

Here’s to your good business choice,

The Marketing Professional

How-to Info You Need to Know About SEO

For those of you who want to start a internet business, search engine optimization has become a major part of any website. The internet has continued to grow at an amazing rate since its birth more than twenty years ago, now the number of websites and therefore competitors is in the billions. Which makes getting top search engine ranking very hard. The sheer volume of results that search engines produce can cause a needle in the haystack effect. To make sure that people can find your website you will need to appear at the top of the search results for the key-terms that are relevant to what you do. That means optimizing your website with search engine optimization. It is no longer good enough to have a great looking website. Now it has to be optimized for the search engines, otherwise it will be buried in a heap by millions of other sites, that’s bad news for your website. And don’t forget about search engine submission service.

You want your site to be seen, but you don’t know where to start. You need to have your current site analysed Then you will to decide on the most practical way to bring the traffic in. In some cases minor changes and some general search engine optimization techniques will be enough to get your site moving up the ranks.

Although for some sites, especially those created before the SEO revolution, a small amount of tinkering just won’t quite cut it. If your current site isn’t up to scratch then starting again may well be the best answer. Make sure your site is built from the ground up with SEO and search engines in mind. This could well reduce your long term marketing spend and increase the amount of exposure and therefore customers. The design of your website is obviously a very important consideration. During the design phase it is especially important to maintain the focus on your potential customers and making sure the site is built for them. If a customer can’t use your site easily at the first attempt then there is a high chance the will be going somewhere else with their custom. It is far better to have a simple, easy to use website rather than one which looks great but is hard to navigate.

Other things to keep in mind when putting together a website design are, budget, timeframe, how the site will be edited and by who, what do you want the customer to do on the site are they visiting your website for information or do you want them to purchase something?

If you have your own webpage that helps alot, but if no one can find it then there isn’t a great deal of point. Submitting your sites to the Search Engines is one of the first steps in SEO and can help speed up the process of getting your website noticed on the search engines. Submitting your site to the search engines can be time consuming and submitting your site to the right ones isn’t always as straight forward as it should be. As a rule of thumb it is wise to stick to the big ones such as Google, Yahoo etc and then to find any specialist ones that cater solely for your industry.

Inbound link building is a very important step in SEO and getting your website ranked highly in the search engines. Each link you get from another site acts as a vote If the other site is relevant to yours and of high standing, then the vote is worth more. Getting good quality backlinks can be a minefield, especially as there are a lot of companies offering thousands of links for a fixed fee. Stay away from these companies at all costs, the links they provide may not do much more than hurt your website ranking, build your links the right way.

To Your SEO Success,

The Marketing Professional

How to Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Internet Business

When you start an online business or start an internet business, creating your website takes a lot of work. You have to find the right domain name, purchase hosting, and create your website. Most of the time it falls together very nicely, but it takes time and a lot of research to get it there.

The most important things to consider is your domain name. The domain name is what people type into the internet to get to your site. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice for your site.

Domain Name Itself

When you are thinking about your domain name you will want to think about which name to choose. If its at all possible, DO NOT, or even worse they may end up at someone else’s site. Some people think they need to put dashes or underscores in between each word, but that is not the case. If a person knows your business name, but not your website, they will usually try to type in your business name as a website to see if it comes up.

Using Keywords In Your Name

Keywords are important for your website when it comes to search engines. Make sure you have a keyword in your domain name. For instances, if you own a candle business, you may want to consider having candle in your domain name. This will help with searches as well.

Domain name extensions

When you think about all the websites you visit, most of them end in .com. However, there are many other extensions on the internet that you can use. You could purchase .net, .org, or .me. Think about this the last time you typed in a domain name that ended in .net, did you type in .com first? Sometimes it comes natural to type in .com. When it doesnt come up, we realize what we did wrong and correct it. With that said, make sure if available your purchase a .com name.

Multiple domain names

Another thing to consider is multiple domain names pointing to the same site. Some businesses think it is a great practice to purchase all of the domains that are the same. For example, if your domain name is susanscandles.com you may want to consider purchasing susanscandles.net and susanscandles.org so that you own them all. That way if someone types in susanscandles.net it will still go to you. Its also a good idea to purchase domain names that are close so you dont lose out that way either. For this example, you would consider purchasing susancandles.com and susanscandle.com.

Abbreviations or full words

Unless your business has a common abbreviation that people know, you should stay away from using them. Its better to use the full words because that is more likely what people will remember and type in for your site. You can always follow the tip above and purchase the letters for the abbreviation as well as the full words just to be safe.

There are many things you need to consider when getting a domain name. I hope the tips above help make the decision process a little easier. Good luck!

To Your Domain Name Choosing Success,

The Marketing Professional