How to Lure Traffic to Any Website or Blog

I have written in some previous articles about a marketing method called Click Thru Marketing and today more then ever professional marketers need no cost and low cost ways of delivering traffic to their websites and blogs.  That is why I wanted to share with you the news about is a no cost traffic generation service that thousands of marketing professionals are using right now to drive targeted traffic to their sites and blogs.  I say targeted because we have a categories that all sites are listed in and once you become a client you select the type of category that you want to advertise your site in and also only the types of categories from which to see other sites that may interest you.

With Gone Clicking you deal exclusively with dedicated and determined marketers.  We’re talking about serious-minded business men and women, who know just how important it is to purchase the right products and services to help them grow their business.
With Gone Clicking you are also assured that your website or blog is being viewed by people who are highly interested in what you have to offer. Why? Because it’s stocked full of clients who are hungry for what you have to offer and that makes them your most sought-after group of individuals online… the big Fish!

Website Traffic from Gone Clicking

Gone Clicking has a fishing theme however our goal is quality, targeted traffic, banner and text ad distribution to like minded folks just like you and me.  Look over some of these outstanding features:

* Promote up to 25 URLs
* 2:1 and 1:1 ratios
* 10-15 second timer
* Surfing Rewards
* Cash Bonuses
* Banner and Text Ad Distribution 
* Earn Monthly Residual Income
* Plus a whole lot more…

You’re just minutes away from hooking directly into a more targeted, pre-qualified buyer!

Good luck and welcome aboard in advance!

The Marketing Professional

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Continuity, Good Old Fashioned Marketing or New Age Money Game?

The Marketing ProfessionalSometimes new concepts are simply old marketing methods with a new name or a twist of some kind to make them seem unique.

Such is the case with continuity;

Continuity is simple money getting method that is based on a monthly plan or membership program.  If you have a continuity program, you can count on various amounts of income to come in each month whether you find a new customer or not.  You would be wise to continue to acquire new clients because you will have a certain level of attrition along the way.

It is also a mechanism that allows a certain level of planning and protection in case you have a bad month and few or no sales are made.  If you don’t have a continuity program in your business model at this time you should make plans for one and ensure that you havve a supply of new customers to keep your program going.  The ideal goal in a continuity program is for the continuity to first cover your monthly espenses.  When you can do that, all the new business that is generated goes to profit and growing your business.

Many times, continuity is designed around a marketing service, product or an ad campaign that a company has developed to consistently produce new clients.  It’s hard to look around the internet and not see these types of programs, heck they even exist offline in the cell phone, news paper and garbage collection markets.

Continuity in your business model will not only improve your income but it will reduce your stress level and allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Always to Your Success,

The Marketing Professional

How to Start Marketing on the Internet

0087pa_58374Have you ever considered starting your own business? Maybe you’ve always wanted your own store or restaurant. Now that the internet is such an appealing marketplace many people are looking to start their own business online.

With the World-Wide-Web so accessable and with endless sources of traffic there is a number of people and sites that have begun their own style of online marketing. There are approximately 6 billion people world-wide right now and this is just one reason why home businesses are booming. In fact, loads of web-savvy marketing professionals are taking advantage of all of the ways to drive traffic to any website. By using basic web marketing to increase traffic to your websites you will surely increase your profit.

Compare no cost website traffic building to sending out thousands of printed flyers and it’s no wonder that online marketing wins every time.  If your business is not getting the traffic or clients that it deserves it may be time to investingate click thru marketing with a reputable site like

To Your Success,

The Marketing Professional