New Media in an Old World Paradigm

Being a staunch advocate of Leadership and Professionalism in Marketing I have recently joined a team of bloggers and media moguls that is helping people like you and I make extra income by becoming the media!

I’m sure you have a ton of bookmarks or favorites stored on your computer which you saved because they had some value to you. Well now you can cash them in for real money!

This team of people have made it their mission to spread the word about all kinds of information in addition to products and services that will compliment and assist you and me not just in our businesses but in our every day lives as well. 

The best part is, folks who have websites (blogs) are paid quite generously to share and display our information to their visitors through a unique new system that is always being improved upon.

I got my start in the marketing and advertising world via the Traffic Exchange industry and this revolutionary concept harkens back to the days when the idea of exchanging website views in a close knit community was a refreshing change to the drab, monotonous and down right spamy techniques that some hucksters were using to get their messages into your inbox.

It’s hard to say who has the better end of the deal here, but there are possibly millions of websites that use “ads by Google” type embeds in their sites to make money. This is one time money which obviously goes away as soon as your traffic does, and like most of us on the internet know – most of our internet projects don’t last forever.

PyraBang is the company and they pay both on the posting side and also on the referring side.  When you sponsor new members you get money residually month after month. When you post your valuable information and it circulates while you are sleeping you get both traffic and real money!

You can build a solid portfolio on PyraBang that resembles all the bookmarks/favorites you have on your browser for less than a few bucks on your initial investment.  Then your information works while your sleep, getting out to 1000’s of visitors on hundreds of websites all over the internet.

Got a bit of activist in you?

Maybe a little revolutionary?

Well you and I can have front row seats in the information war and the fight against big media.  Our contribution to this cause is actually under 6 bucks per month… and it’s not hard to get your membership paying for itself and then some – just wait till you see their rewards plan.

Since Independence Day of 2008 PyraBang has put out over 446,906,177 impressions of its member’s information. Over 7,731,638 “bangs” have been invested in the PyraBang economy (that’s over $7731.64), and we are over 11,180 members strong!

I know you are looking for a way for your blogging and other online business exploits to pay off and now with a dependable residual income, a tangible product that is always improving and will eventually give you more time with your family and friends you’ve finally found it!

Allow me the honor of sponsoring you onto this prestigous team by Clicking Here

Here’s to New Media and Your Success,

Mark Edward Brown
“The Marketing Professional”

Blogging, a Zero Cost Marketing Method

Now that blogging has been around for a number of years I think that the amount of money that bloggers are making and the credibility that some bloggers garner because of the content they publish this is proof that blogs are not just a passing phase or fad.

In fact much like is an addicting form of micro-blogging, blogging has become much more than just an outlet for peoples emotions where they can blurt out whatever get on their nerves or whatever makes them happy.

Today savvy marketers are blogging, and it’s one of the best Free Internet Marketing methods that does not have to cost you a penny.

Blogging for your Online Business is a surefire way to increase the exposure of your products and services.

Here are just a few ways to boost your internet advertising through blogging:

1. Keeps your clients, customers, friends and family aware of changes to your service, product etc in a much more personnal manner then previously possible.

2. Blogging allows you to personalize your marketing approach.

3. Your blog content can be easily stored adn archived which can be use as a form of search engine for your own marketing exploits.

4. Share and discuss your opinions, get advice, showcase reviews of specific products and services that you or people you know have use and recomend.

5. Link to other blogs and websites that can generate affiliate income for you.  and improve your products and services through with the feedback from your readers.

6. Connect with other marketing professionals and bloggers thus increasing the popularity of you and your brand. So, how do you set up a blog?

I could list many more tips however, I think you are getting the gist of this article and I would like to know your thoughts on blogging and marketing so leave me a comment.

To Your Blogging Success,

The Marketing Professional

Twizzle Web 2.O Fo Shizzle

What the heck did that headline say?

This post is about Twitter  which is  a Web 2.O instant communication medium that you should be using.

If you haven’t started twittering yet, get over there and get an account.

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Twitter gives you the ability to post your message in 140 characters or less, it’s real time and many influential Leaders, Marketers and Bloggers are using it so why aren’t you?

If you are using Twitter and want me to follow you add me and then let me know you read this post and I will follow you as well.

Always to Your Success,

Mark Edward Brown