Homeless Woman Becomes Blogging Professional

NoLoiteringSign    Moments ago I recieved an e-mail from the legendary Marlon Sanders (a true Marketing Professional and Internet Marketing Icon).  Marlon sent me an e-mail with a fascinating article about a woman who was homeless and living in a Walmart parking lot.

Being an avid blogging professional myself, I was instantly captivated by the article and I clicked through as well to read the CNN article about Brianna Karp.  See the article here:  http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/09/11/homeless.blogger/index.html

There is a link to Brianna’s blog on that page and I recomend you click thru to it as it is a worth while read, of that there is no doubt.  So what is the lesson learned or the bottom line?  First of all there is nothing for sale here, this is an informational article only and I want to provide valuable, educational as well as entertaining material and content for YOU – my cherished reader!

Yes, that is right, I said Cherished, not valuable or important, or other lesser titles of minor endearment.  I truly enjoy and are thankful for the time you spend with “The Marketing Professional” (Mark Edward Brown) and isn’t it cool that in today’s world even homeless people have access to The World Wide Web?

We truly enjoy a standard of living that is world class which still makes America the greatest nation in the World!

Long live blogging and the entreprenuerial spirit that resides in all Marketing Professionals and thanks Marlon for doing what you do and how you do it!

Always To Your Success,

The Marketing Professional

A New Direction for The Marketing Professional

My blogging activity has taken a bit of a dive so to speak because I have found a new passion that I like and is challenging all at the same time.

It’s Search Engine Optimization however I consult to a very demanding niche of traffic experts.

I first began with my own traffic generating site which I do allot of my Click Thru Marketing from, it’s called  www.GoneClicking.com 

I also just completed my second site which I consulted on for a fellow traffic expert.  I am not at liberty to discuss this site openly but will be recieving a testimonial for my work very soon.

I enjoy conulting to this nich and look forward to a rewarding stint as the go to guy for this competitive group of marketers.

I will post more in the days to come so until then leave me a comment about your SEO exploits or if you need some help let me know that as well.

Always to your success,

The Marketing Professional

Internet Based Business Tips Part 1

When you are aiming at starting an internet based business, there are general marketing principles you should follow and I would like to expose them to you :

1. Select a very Targeted Niche, as it allows you to focus your efforts and energy on solving specific problems effectively. Then, create the product they want. They will have the money to buy it!

2. Remember : specialized information is the number 1 seller in the world…

3. Put yourself in your client’s shoes : why should I buy this now? What’s in it for me?

4. Selling is helping people make good decisions and sharing something with them.

5. Always bring Value and Overdeliver. Be Honest : this will build your reputation.

6. Build long-term, trustful relationships with your list of subscribers/customers. Engage a constant conversation with your market!

7. The first sale is always the most difficult and expensive in terms of time and money : people usually make a decision after having been exposed 5 times to an add!

8. Use multiple marketing strategies, starting with free or cheap ones, such as networking, social networks(Web 2.0), blogging, join-ventures,free publicity, (web)radio, press releases, affiliate programs, email newsletters or follow-up series, swapping newsletters adds;

9. Effective internet marketing is all about leveraging resources : spending minimal time and money
attracting maximum customers and profits;

10.Focus on how to get visibility, how to stay apart from the crowd. Nurture your Unique Selling Proposition :give people a valuable reason to visit your site and drive them there through a squeeze page where you entice them to give their information (name and email address). For more please visit Internet Marketing

How to stay ahead of your competition?:

1. Be focused on your market and what to offer it : stay tunes to it, have a two-way conversation
with it (web 2.0)

2. Have the attitude of wanting people to succed

3. Select the people you will partner with

4. Have a mentor, suround yourself with positive-thinking people. Be a learner and be coachable :constant Education is key

5. Become a good Copywriter : everything you write out (emails, sales pages, newsletters, etc…)is your sales person 24/24 hour!

6. Use Effective communication : being the right person, communicating the right message, to the right audience,at the right time and in the right way. Offer people information that solve their problem and along making that promise, give them proof you will of reliable advice.

7. Treat your customers like a marriage relationship, building a sacred bond of trust. Inject personality your online communication.

Look for part 2 the day after tomarrow,

The Marketing Professional