Victoria’s Secret, Omaha Steaks, and the Mysterious Marketing Professional

JoeSugarman     If you think you could learn something from the man that sold 20 Million pairs of world famous sunglasses then you are in for a treat!

     A few years ago Joe Sugarman, the marketing professional extrordinaire responsible for the Blu Blocker line of sunglasses held a marketing seminar that was the first of it’s kind.  As a matter of fact, some of the people in attendance went on to create company’s such as Victoria’s Secret and Omaha Steaks.

     This seminar was so high powered that no outside or third party recordings were authorized to be made however my good friend Mark Joyner has convinced the great Joe Sugarman to release to you 5 hours of Joe’s highly valued and most guarded marketing, advertising and copywriting gems. 

I’m talking about at least $200 worth of pure marketing genius.

All you have to do is click THIS LINK to get it

Enjoy this no cost marketing masterpiece,

The Marketing Professional

Why Marketing Is Essential For Your Business Success

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt the your product, service, or company provides the best value in your marketplace which means you may also think that there is no real reason to invest a lot of money into marketing and advertising however, if you don’t take the time to get your message out there in front of  people you won’t have sales.

Marketing is just as important as the way your site or blog is optimized for the search engines.  There are many types of marketing and advertising that can be rewarding, one of the best ways to start is with Click Thru Marketing which can be both rewarding and affordable.

Think Of companies that have become really well known and trusted on an global scale with their products and services.  Everyone recognizes their logos, packaging strategies and sales jingles without any extra marketing.   With Click Thru Marketing you too can get your message out in front of a global audience of targeted buyers.

How do YOU do it?

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Productive business owners don’t just sell products, they sell emotions as well, when you speak to your clients on a subconscious level and convince them to buy on a subliminal plane.  Whenever you want to, your business will truly triumph and your victory as a business owner will be firmly in your grasp.

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Terrific Twitter Tactic for Marketing Professionals

TwitterBirdI recently posted a Twitter Tactic that will allow you to check your popularity in the web 2.0 landscape in reference to

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