A New Direction for The Marketing Professional

My blogging activity has taken a bit of a dive so to speak because I have found a new passion that I like and is challenging all at the same time.

It’s Search Engine Optimization however I consult to a very demanding niche of traffic experts.

I first began with my own traffic generating site which I do allot of my Click Thru Marketing from, it’s called  www.GoneClicking.com 

I also just completed my second site which I consulted on for a fellow traffic expert.  I am not at liberty to discuss this site openly but will be recieving a testimonial for my work very soon.

I enjoy conulting to this nich and look forward to a rewarding stint as the go to guy for this competitive group of marketers.

I will post more in the days to come so until then leave me a comment about your SEO exploits or if you need some help let me know that as well.

Always to your success,

The Marketing Professional

Dirty little Search Engine Secrets

Sometimes things in the SEO world are not always as they seem.  The world of search engine marketing is constantly changing and because of that fact I have been following what the folks over at StomperNet have been doing.  I also make it a point to stay on the cutting edge of search engine optimization because it affects click thru marketing on a daily basis.

If you are beginning to see the light and want to learn about how to incorporate the search engines into your busines (believe me, it will make a difference) then check out this important video:


This video is from Leslie Rohde. If you don’t know who Leslie is, let me just give you the quick description:

In 2002, Leslie was the very first person to advance the idea that Search Rankings could be affected by using the text in links that point to a page.  Since he’s an SEO Engineer, and a StomperNet Faculty Member, I figure this video is going to cause trouble. Lots of trouble.

The video talks about LSI which stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”.  In 2006, Google filed a whole bunch of patents that led a LOT of SEO folks to believe that LSI was in FULL FORCE and EFFECT at Google.  (Too bad NONE of those patents were actually about LSI – they just LOOKED like they were.)

In this video, Leslie will PROVE to you that LSI is NOT having any effect on your Search Rankings. Which means, if you’ve been struggling to get Rankings on Google because you’ve been chasing LSI – STOP.


Leslie is going talk about an SEO Strategy that you ARE going to want to know about called “Referential Integrity”, or “RI” for short. 

If you want to stop wasting time on SEO and only getting mediocre rankings, then you need to watch the video

To Your Serche Engine Success,

The Marketing Professional

Long Tail Marketing… What Does It Mean?

Recently there is a huge stir around the phrase “long tail marketing.” It primarily deals with retailing online and makes some real interesting points you should consider. The concept is by Chris Anderson and you can get his book at Amazon.

But what does it all mean? It means get busy with keywords and content to get all the searches possible to your site. People do search differently so you must consider all keywords that relate to you.

An example is a hobby site. Imagine the “length of the tail” in how many keywords that could be. Everything from backyards to zebras. It’s the length of the tail when all of those keywords are connected that can bring you more business. Think about a big tail on a huge animal, it covers a lot of ground and gets your attention when connected to an alligator!  That is why Internet Marketing is so important.

So to coin a phrase, “get your tail moving” and leave no rocks unturned. Some search for refrigerators and for some it is an ice box or the fridge. Think about what people name things in other parts of the world that are the same thing in your world.

In keyword research it is easy to spot and grow niches. Low search counts at the top 3 search engines can mean business for you when there is no competition. Use Wordtracker to find out what these less used search engine searches can do for you. So what if there are only 6 searches a month for an item; if you happen to sell that item and no one else does, you want that business for your Internet Marketing business.

The long tail of search phrases will build traffic. You can not count on 80% of your traffic coming from 20% of your top used keywords based on readings at Google. Because competition for highly used words is so big, long tail marketing makes perfect sense.

If you are an Adsense publisher, imagine how many more relative ads you could display on all of those new low competition keyword pages. It is the total searches from all of those less used words that make using them worthwhile.

Create your content with a broader base of keywords to see the effect. Watch your site stats and be amazed at all of the new search terms you’ll be found with. Many will tell you more content or more products would be easy to market.

With search engines today it is all about content and keywords, and Google flat out says so in their webmaster guidelines. Long tail marketing is real easy with search engines. All you have to do is know the words people use.  Visit this Internet Marketing site for more information.

Always to Your Success,

Mark Edward Brown